• Lauren Weinmeister

What will our bus look like?

Finalizing the floor plans and color scheme has by far been my favorite part and the most fun to plan. As much as I want to say we have officially finalized the colors, floors, and tiles we are using I know that I may change my mind again because every time I step foot in Home Depot I see something that I like and think is worth consideration. In fact, from where I left off last week we have already decided we are no longer doing green walls and instead will most likely be painting a soft gray/off white, with green accents. But what has been finalized, is the floor plan!

We want our bus to feel light, airy, and as open as possible since we will have Sadie and Piper aboard with us. That said we have spent many nights at the bus the last 2 weeks after work going over everything and taking final measurements. A lot of thought went into this layout, from playing with a kitchen table and no desk, a side door halfway down the driver side wall, to which appliances we wanted. Ultimately, we decided a desk that runs across the wall would be the most versatile and the best use of space. We didn't want the whole bus to feel like you were walking down a long, narrow hallway, so this option allows us to have a bit of open space in front of the couch. The couch will also double as a fold out bed for friends and family when they visit. The side door was important to us for safety reasons and just as a nice to have when we are parked at different destinations. And as far as appliances go, we had to take into consideration what we would need in order to be able to go "off grid" for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. With that in mind, we decided on a washer/dryer combo, an 11.6 cubic foot refrigerator, a portable stove top, and a toaster oven.

When it came to the kitchen, we decided that wasn't something we wanted to dedicate a large amount of time building out from scratch, so we went with preassembled cabinets from Home Depot. We ordered gray cabinets and will have butcher board for countertops. We are going with white appliances and all hardware throughout the bus will be matte black. For the bathroom, we have played around with a few different ideas and layouts. There were 2 options here: a toilet and sink on one side and a shower on the other or the toilet, sink, and shower all in one space. At this point, the idea is the entire bathroom will be one large room and waterproof with white subway tile walls and river rocks for flooring, which will also be used as the risers for the stairs at the front of the bus.

The hard part now is PATIENCE. Our cabinets and windows have arrived and are waiting to be installed. Next up is buying the equipment for plumbing so that we can start putting together the kitchen and bathroom. We cannot wait to get everything, begin installing, and see it all come together. The flooring we selected is what I am most excited for and that will be one of the final installations so we have a long way to go and a lot to look forward to.

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