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What have we been doing?

WE ARE BACK!! I know there have been a handful of people who have been wondering what we've been doing with the bus these last few months and the truth is, not much at all since Nik and I moved 5 hours away from Northern Virginia. However, we are back and I am making it my life's mission to bring you updates more than once a month, which should be especially easy now that the bus lives only 5 minutes down the road from our condo and we are about to be putting in a lot of work to get the bus finished by (hopefully) early next year.

Over the summer our bus took a trip to the Highway Garage in Stafford for some maintenance work. While there, they were able to work on the engine, get the fluids replaced, get a couple new tires installed, fix the dashboard (we can track our speed now!), and get the state inspection done. The bus racked up quite the bill, but we knew going in that there would be some heavy maintenance to be done on a 2005 used school bus.

A couple weeks ago we got to (finally) pick up the bus. We immediately drove it to a nearby vacant parking lot, where Nik and I took turns driving the bus around and around and around to prepare Nik for the journey south to Moneta. He made the trip safely down and got the bus parked right off of Smith Mountain Lake.

So where are we now? We have most recently been spending time finalizing the layout and taking measurements for the floor plan. I leave you with this sneak peak, excited and ready to share what our future home on wheels will look like in the next post.

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