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Phase 1

The last few months have been pretty jam packed and I am definitely a little far behind as far as posts go so I will try to pack this one with information to catch you all up. We are making great progress on the bus! We started by gutting the inside from seats to windows to sheet metal ceilings to tons of insulation that made our skin itch. We've probably taken about 3,000 lbs to the dump already.

We've been extremely lucky so far to have had such good weather this winter. It has allowed us to dive right into construction. After planning out the layout of how we wanted our tiny home to look and feel. One of our first major projects after emptying out the bus was raising the roof. A lot of planning went into this project before we were able to execute. From buying a giant tarp, lots of steel tubing, 2 car jacks, 4 by 4s for building the jack in order to lift the roof, and tons of drill bits (we now own stock in Home Depot). We were finally ready for the big day. 5 people and 8 hours later the roof was raised. A shout out to all of our amazing friends and family that have been so helpful thus far including both our dads (Tom and Frank), Logan, Tracy, Josh, and Jimmy. We couldn't have made it this far without all your help. And let's not forget Grandpa for allowing us to house "Big Shirley" in his driveway.

Since raising the roof (10 inches), we have gotten 2,500 square feet of sheet metal to wrap the bus and seal off where the windows once were (another big shoutout to Logan & Josh for spending days helping with this and staying through the torrential down pour). As we moved to the inside, sealing off the ceiling was where things got a little tricky. A lot of cutting and fitting pieces together like a puzzle in order to make sure that we wouldn't have any leaks. The metal work was definitely a lot of stress and we are so excited to be almost completely done with this portion.

As fun as it has been to sit around and be the foreman on all the metal work, I am so excited (along with Nik) to get to share with you the inside build out. We are right on schedule and spending at least one day every weekend working on the bus. It helps to have 2 space heaters running since there is not much to keep this bus insulated.

A short read for 2 months of Nik's hard work. Thanks for following along and feel free to message us if you have another questions on things we didn't dive deep on or you want to hear more about!

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