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Quick Update

Hi everyone, it’s been a while… sorry to keep you waiting. I wanted to hop on and give a quick update since I went dark... We were right on track to finish the bus by September back in March when the world around us stopped. With COVID and the bus being parked at my Grandfathers house we had to make the tough decision to put the bus build on hold. When that decision was made, Nik and I drove down to Smith Mountain Lake and lived in his Dads condo for about 2 months before buying our very own condo and beginning renovations here. Nik loves a good project. But now that we are wrapping up this project and things being to go back to our new “normal” we are ready to get back to work and boy are we excited.

To give those of you who do not know the back story about how we got to this point, here it goes. From the beginning… Nik and I met in college and quickly began dating. Fast forward 2 ½ years and we are married. Nik is a huge projects guy so after the wedding, Nik’s weekends completely opened up and he found himself really in need of a new “project” to keep him occupied.

So how we came to buy a bus… While on his bachelor weekend his best friend (Bart Sap of the Netherland region) brought up this “skoolie” idea. Our friend, Logan, quick to exclaim he had been speaking of this for years was all for the idea that we go for it. Nik was intrigued immediately. So he got to researching and was quickly drawn in. Just over a month after our wedding (as impulsive as Nik always is) we owned our very own school bus. A beaut from Loudon County, VA… flat nose, 2005 diesel, just under 100,000 miles, 42-footer, and very little rust.

Fast forward now, here we are… fully invested (mentally and financially). Where we left off... Nik was running electrical wiring, framing the closets and bathroom, and putting up the shiplap on the bedroom walls. He was hard at work! The current condition of the bus (minus the dust) is great. We have accomplished so much thanks to the determination of Nik. When he puts his mind to something there truly isn’t anything this guy can’t do. He is currently working full time as a full-stack developer and part time as a contractor for the bus. He spends his spare time researching and watching videos on how to build everything on this bus. I, myself, not being the most handy did get to use some of the power tools to put up the walls of my closet but other than that I just have stuck to the behind the scenes and recruited my good friend, Caitlyn, to help plan all the interior decorating.

As for now, our next step is that we have found a new place for our bus to call home during renovations down at Smith Mountain Lake and plan to bring the big girl down here in the next few weeks to begin working again. Our hopes are to have the conversion almost complete by the end of the year.

Thanks for reading through this longer post, I plan to get back into this more consistently very soon so stay tuned. I hope this answers most questions anyone may have had. Nik and I are so excited that so many friends and family have helped or watched from a far this journey we are on and cannot wait to share more.

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