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Getting Down to Business

Hi everyone! It's been a few weeks since our last post and that is on me being too distracted to finish this post that I have had saved in drafts.Nik and I decided to take a week off of work and hike 60 miles on the AT a couple weeks ago which proved to be both very fun and very challenging. As much as we want to work on the bus every weekend to get it done, we are also just trying to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather that we can. So, this post may be a little longer so bare with me as I share all of our most recent interior updates.

Nik and I have been been spending a lot of time in the evenings after work coming to the bus and taking measurements and finalizing floor plans, which has gotten us so excited. We finally got a full weekend of work in and the progress we made putting up the walls made the bus start to feel really cozy. We originally put up gray shiplap in the bedroom back in February, but after coming back from our long pause and seeing how rough and splintering the wood was we decided it wasn't the best fit for our bedroom and for the feel we wanted in our future tiny home. Nik and I went to work pulling the boards all down and installed the tongue-and-grove pine boards that we are using throughout the rest of the bus walls. After about 5 hours, we got the bedroom walls reinstalled. And needless to say, we are much happier with the look and feel.

From there Nik began putting up the bathroom walls and I began priming the boards so we could get the paint up. Now, I know we are a long way out from needing to paint the walls, but after painting an entire condo this summer I decided I would just do sections at a time as they go up to eliminate a ton of painting all at once.

One of the most exciting projects from our first big weekend back at work was Nik and his dad getting the ceiling boards up. We found thin, cedar tongue-and-groove boards at Home Depot and they were exactly what we wanted for our ceiling. We still have a little playing around to do with the boards that will curve down to hit the walls, but all-in-all it looks fantastic! I could not be more pleased.

Nik and I were able to finish putting up the boards for the closet wall, reinforce the bed frame, and pick the paint color for the interior walls. We ended up going with a color called "Gray Clouds" from Sherwin Williams and I have already gone through a pint painting the bathroom, closet, and bedroom walls. We took a trip out to Home Depot and Lowes late in the day to find a flooring option for the OSB board in the bedroom. We found some vinyl adhesive tiles that worked well and went home and installed them in no time.

Nik and I were so excited about the bedroom being ~almost~ finished that we went home, grabbed the air mattress and the pups, and went back to have our first slumber on the bus. It got a little chilly, we have a lot of insulating left to do, but it sleeps comfortably and the pups are ready to move in officially.

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